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I'm a gifted Psychic & Psychic Medium that performs Psychic Readings in the Sunshine State of Florida. My goal in life has always been to help others by using my gift. I've used my abilities to help find the answers for those who needed connection with lost ones and their worries of the future. In addition I volunteered countless hours by assisting the law enforcement community side by side with solo on missing persons, or cold cases and even locating animals. I've touched many lives as reflected by my loyal and dedicated friends and patrons.   I have dedicated most of my life to learning and helping as many as I can. 
Also internationally recognized and respected throughout the Psychic world. I have assisted people all over the globe; England, France, Holland, Canada, Australia, Mexico.
Psychic reading sessions range from relationships, school, work, income and when you've lost something. I help sort out the past, as well as connect you with deceased love ones, plus help as a Dream Interpretation & Life Coach.
I am able to perform a psychic reading by phone, email, or in person you will need to contact me.

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If you feel you have a paranormal situation; Spirits, Ghost, or Haunting. I want to help you. I have the resources to assist you for an investigation.

Dixie Boo Research and Gulf Coast Paranormal will provide a questioner to examine you paranormal situation and do an initial assessment and if needed help provide a qualified paranormal investigation team. You can expect that this team will be held to a continual high level of standards of quality and expectation of service. There is never a fee or charge for a paranormal case.  To request an investigation use the "Contact Us" form below.  

In 1992 I founded Dixie Boo Research originally in Cross City Florida. Now on the Gulf Coast region of  Florida Bob Weber & I created the Gulf Coast Paranormal team that provides paranormal investigations and ghost hunting services that served the panhandle of Florida in Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Niceville, Crestview, Navarre, Pensacola, Milton and Pace Florida.

In addition I use my website as a resource for information about the Paranormal. Look under Dixie Boo Research. A page designed to provide a listing of Professional Paranormal Investigators in Florida and nearby states.